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Join our team

Open positions

Great, you’re here! These are our current open positions (all m/f/d):

There are many reasons to join our team. Here are just a few…

Fair contracts

Even though this should be common sense it often isn’t.
So let us be clear: With us …

  • You will be fairly paid.
  • You won’t work late hours.
  • You won’t work overtime.
  • You won’t work in your holidays.
  • You won’t work on weekends.

All this doesn’t mean that we don’t have big goals or are not ambitious. However, we believe that it is much easier to achieve great goals if you work in a healthy working environment without self-exploitation and when you have enough time besides work for rest, your friends, partner, kids and your personal growth in life.

We are proud of these strict rules and you can read more on that topic here. Instead of all this unnecessary nonsense …

  • You will work no more than 40 hours a week.
  • You will get 27 days of paid vacation + Berlin state holidays.
  • You will have the chance to work part-time.

Corporate benefits

Besides a nice team, free drinks and snacks, a nice and fair working atmosphere and a cool product to work on, we offer each team member the following extras in addition:

  • Your personal “no questions asked” individual learning budget of at least 1,200 Euro a year
  • A free permanent ticket for public transportation in your city
  • Our company pension scheme

Personnel development

While we are actively working on the internationalization of PicDrop we also want you to become better and grow with us. Of course, this is only possible if all our employees can keep developing. What do we do to achieve this?

  • We spend time and money to learn new stuff. With us you will receive an individual learning budget of 1,200 Euro per calendar year. That’s basically 100 Euro per month, but please spread it as you want. Just tell us what you want to learn and we will try to make it possible. No matter if it’s attending conferences, training courses, webinars, online courses, buying books, etc… You decide how, where, when and what you want to learn! Whenever you are interested in a particular activity or want to buy anything, just pass it on to Franziska and she will take care of it. We don’t want to question any spendings you do, but if it’s something that’s a little more expensive, such as a conference, please give a quick heads up to your team lead (using Asana) before passing it to Franziska. That way the team lead can approve the spending with Franziska.

  • Employee reviews: every 6 months we conduct individual employee reviews to find out about your goals and how we can support you. Of course, this is also an opportunity to get feedback from your team lead.

  • Feedback: is important to us at all times! That’s why we don’t leave topics on the table for long, but provide feedback quickly. You can talk to your mentor about anything at any time. Your mentor and the HR manager will also meet at regular intervals to discuss progress.

  • We also plan to run regular online employee surveys in the future.

The equipment you need

You know best what you need to show your full potential. Tell us what you need and we will usually give you the equipment and software of your choice. (Please let it be a Mac…)

How we hire

Step 1
You’ve just send us your application via mail. Thanks so much! Your qualifications impressed us, so we should get in touch soon and have a casual conversation, maybe also a discussion about your and our expectations. You’ll be invited to meet us in our office (if you’re based in Berlin) or we’ll arrange a Skype or Google Hangout call. The aim of this conversation is to find out if your and our expectations match, if you’re a good fit to the team, if you share our values or how you could contribute to the role and the company. There’s a lot we can talk about and this is your chance to interview PicDrop.

Step 2
You seem like a perfect match! We will invite you to our office (again) to go a little more into detail, discuss the position and meet the rest of our team. Those are the people you will spend most of your time with and we trust their guts as much as our own. At the same day we want to meet and tech talk with you, want you to check our code, see yours. Of course, we pay for the expenses you may have for travelling etc.

Step 3
We would like you to take care of a small project. Of course this will be paid work. Why are we doing this? Because we believe actual work is much more important than impressive company names and projects in your CV. You will get a certain amount of time to do this on your own. Feel free to do this at home or join our team for some days and get to know us. After that we sit down and discuss your project. Everyone is happy? Welcome to PicDrop!

Apply with us!

Do you want to see for yourself if all this is true? Apply with us and become part of the PicDrop team! Please send your application to and make sure to read How we hire before. Attach as much info about yourself and what you love to do as possible.

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