About this page

This page works as our internal guide but also for anyone else to learn about our team and company, our tool and how we work. We love to be as open about PicDrop as possible. Also, you can find our job postings here.


At PicDrop we are working on, a browser-based service that enables professional photographers, designers, agencies and companies to share their images as easy as with one-click file hosters but with a lot of extra functionalities on top.

This easy to use but still powerful tool is the brainchild of our two co-founders Andreas (photographer) and Tobias (designer) and their frustration about complicated, existing solutions and features they missed. It’s in our DNA to work as close to the needs of creatives as possible.

Screenshot of our tool

Our numbers and goals

More than 50,000 professional creatives already use PicDrop to deliver images to their clients. They created more than 4.5 million galleries and uploaded over 310 million images. These numbers grow rapidly every month and year.

Our goal is to create the best image transfer solution worldwide and to make the lives of creatives easier. We have already achieved this quite well for the German-speaking region, so our current goal is to become internationally known and make sure our software and team is able to handle this enormous growth.

We are not a startup

It is quite easy to mistakenly assume that PicDrop is a typical Berlin startup. We may look like one: We have a cool product, a motivated team, a nice office and free snacks and drinks. 😉

But: We are profitable since our official start in 2014 and therefore PicDrop is a 100% privately owned company. That gives us the chance to focus on the needs of our customers and colleagues and not of any outside shareholders. We just follow our own long-term plan and avoid a lot of typical startup madness like excessive crunch time and funding rounds etc…

Instead, we use all our energy to work on our tool and create a healthy and inviting work environment. We say no to a lot of things that don’t match with our view on how people and business should behave.

Us trying to take a groupshot